Vorresti vincere una volta per tutte la battaglia contro il mal di schiena e dolori articolari?

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Cosa comprende la visita Postura Agile?

– Questionario raccolta dati Approfondito
– Valutazione Visuo-Posturale
Documentazione fotografica della postura
– Valutazione del compenso e adattamento
Valutazione dell’appoggio plantare
– Indicazione della calzatura più idonea
Valutazione Stabilometrica
– Trattamento Mirato
– Piano di esercizi di riabilitazione posturale
– Proposta di percorso terapeutico

Valutazione Stabilometrica

Valutazione appoggio plantare

Valutazione fotografica della postura

Cosa posso fare per te?

✅ Riduzione del mal di schiena, inclusi mal di schiena cronici, ernie del disco, sciatalgia, lombalgia e dolori alla parte superiore o inferiore della schiena.

✅ Alleviamento del dolore cervicale, compresi tensione muscolare al collo, torcicollo, rigidità e dolore alle spalle e al collo.

✅ Miglioramento del dolore articolare, coinvolgendo articolazioni come spalle, gomiti, polsi, ginocchia e altre articolazioni del corpo.

✅ Riduzione del mal di testa e dell’emicrania, compresi mal di testa tensione, emicranie ricorrenti o persistenti.

✅ Alleviamento dei disturbi muscolari, come tensioni muscolari, spasmi, contratture muscolari e fibromialgia.

✅ Guarigione e recupero più rapido dalle lesioni sportive, traumi muscolari o articolari derivanti dall’attività sportiva o dall’esercizio fisico.

✅ Miglioramento dei problemi posturali, come scoliosi, iperlordosi, ipercifosi e altre deviazioni dalla normale postura.

✅ Riduzione dei dolori articolari, inclusi artrite, artrosi e dolori articolari cronici.

✅ Miglioramento dei disturbi del sonno, come insonnia, difficoltà ad addormentarsi o a mantenere il sonno.

Il terapista:

– Posturologo e Chinesiologo
– Laureto in Scienze Motorie
– Specializzato nelle problematiche Neuro-Muscolo-Scheletriche
– Esperto nelle problematiche della colonna vertebrale
– Analisi strumentale della postura con Valutazione Fotografica e Pedana Stabilometrica
– Approccio globale alla ricerca della causa del dolore
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Cosa dicono i pazienti?

Stefano Cappella
Stefano Cappella
Prepared, he puts the patient at ease. Attentive in listening to the patient, in finding the problem and the solutions, explaining them with clarity and simplicity. Thank you
Maria Francesca Fuoco
Maria Francesca Fuoco
Doctor Angotti is synonymous with humanity and professionalism. Very knowledgeable in his field, he is certainly the best posturologist in the Lamezzo area.
Domenico Calabro'
Domenico Calabro'
Given that I didn't know that POSTUROLOGY existed, after almost 3 years of having undergone surgery, I suffered from various muscle and joint pains (contractures, sciatica, cervical pain) which limited me in various daily tasks and in practicing sports.I also did various tests to understand the origin but nothing worked.Then through a web search I found Posturology and then Dr Angotti.A very prepared person above all and I mean above all in listening, in fact I recommend describing one's discomfort in detail, after which after a month of therapy, exercises and the use of proprioceptive insoles I have turned around and feel much better.I highly recommend a visit to him for anyone suffering from muscle and joint pain, the visit after a series of tests will open up a new world about yourself.Thank you Doctor Angotti
Eloisa Mauri
Eloisa Mauri
Doctor Mattia is a professional passionate about the subject who manages to convey precious information about our health with ease. Attentive and prepared, I think he is a professional figure to be evaluated as a basis to correct bad habits and inclinations of our posture. You will discover much more about yourself by doing a complete postural assessment with him. Super recommended!
Butterfly 82
Butterfly 82
Seriousness, professionalism and availability.Latest generation equipment.Dr. Angotti is excellent at his profession
Guido Mirabelli
Guido Mirabelli
Excellent doctor, very knowledgeable in his field, he explains the entire procedure of the visit, I was very satisfied with his work, I would recommend him to everyone, good, helpful, sociable, very knowledgeable, if I had to give a rating, he would deserve 100.
Simona De Fazio
Simona De Fazio
I had my first visit with Dr. Angotti for back problems and I must say that I had a great time, he makes you feel at ease straight away and explains everything in a simple and clear way. He examines you completely from head to toe, evaluating every single postural aspect. I really didn't expect it also because during all the visits carried out in the past years no doctor has examined me in this way with his technique and also with the technological and cutting edge that he uses. And above all, establish a personalized approach with the patient, following you step by step throughout the entire therapeutic process, always available and ready to answer any questions. Good boy! Really recommended! 🔝

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